My passcode/ password is not being accepted

On versions prior to V1.3.2 there was a bug on passcode creation that could affect some users.

A new version of the app V1.3.2 is coming out soon that resolves the issue.

However for those who have created passcode locked users they can't access in the older version there is an easy trick to get access to them.

First create a new user with NO passcode on it.

Then once inside the app go to Manage Users located in extras.

Choose a user you can't access and choose Edit.

When asked for the passcode enter nothing and press OK and you will be granted access (the bug is in some cases we were not storing the passcode).

Now go through the edit user screen and turn the passcode off and save the user.

If you have now upgraded to version 1.3.2 you can then edit the user again and set a passcode and it will all work for you now.

Any problems please contact support.

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